TBT Enhanced

Hey, everybox!  Ryan here. I’ve managed to enhance the image from yesterday’s TBT.  In case you were wondering, Oz is me and VX is Mike.  Also, you might notice that Box 2 is colored red!  At this point – 18 years ago – we were experimenting with color to tell the Boxes apart.  Floap used to be colored black, too.  I’d forgotten about that.   love

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TBT #1

Koleslaw here. Recently I moved and in the process of packing I discovered a folder that had several old Talking Boxes strips/drawings from a long time ago. The one below was drawn by Ryan and dated 12/6/1996. I believe we were both juniors in high school at that time. I’ll be posting more of these in the coming weeks on Thursdays. Enjoy!


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