Holy Don Chapman!

Good news, boysenberry! We’re adding two NEW AS HECK strips to TalkingBoxes.net, namely: WUGS and Cloud Person! WUGS is a fun and innocent strip based on Jean Berko-Gleason’s wug test from the 50s. Cloud Person is about a happy cloud named Cloudy and his optimistic adventures through Monsterland. You’re gonna start seeing WUGS every Thursday, […]

What’s my name? You decide!

Holy Dank!  It’s a new Talking Boxes character, and she has no name!  This is a predicament, but you can help.  Send us your suggestions!  This is what we call fan engagement.  So get engaged!  Send your name ideas to me at ryanzdawson@gmail.com, tweet them to @TheTalkingBoxes, or comment at our Facebook page!  Do it today!  (Note: no [name] […]