Holy Don Chapman!

Good news, boysenberry! We’re adding two NEW AS HECK strips to TalkingBoxes.net, namely: WUGS and Cloud Person! WUGS is a fun and innocent strip based on Jean Berko-Gleason’s wug test from the 50s. Cloud Person is about a happy cloud named Cloudy and his optimistic adventures through Monsterland. You’re gonna start seeing WUGS every Thursday, and new Cloud Person strips will be published on no particular schedule. So watch the site for new content, Rudy! Isn’t this great? Aren’t you glad ou’re not a pelican?

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What’s my name? You decide!

Holy Dank!  It’s a new Talking Boxes character, and she has no name!  This is a predicament, but you can help.  Send us your suggestions!  This is what we call fan engagement.  So get engaged!  Send your name ideas to me at ryanzdawson@gmail.com, tweet them to @TheTalkingBoxes, or comment at our Facebook page!  Do it today!  (Note: no [name] mc[name]face suggestions will be accepted, Rudy.)

I don't have a name!  Oh, dang!
I don’t have a name! Oh, dang!


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Say It Ain’t So, Johnny

I accidentally read part of a news item today that said Johnny Depp has changed his knuckle tattoo so that it says “Scum.”  Apparently, it used to say “Slim.”

What a shame.  Heartbreaking.

In other news, Slim has changed the text of his shin tattoo from “Johnny Depp” to “Waylon Jennings.”

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