The Talking Boxes is a comic strip about two sentient cubes and their goony friends.  There’s also a skeleton, a floating eyeball, and an argumentative giraffe.  Sometimes they fly through space and shoot lasers at crabs.  Sometimes they have bizarre conversations about basically nothing.  The strip was first imagined in 1995 by Ryan and Michael. Forty years later (give or take), it’s dominating the web and Nunt Magazine has called it “clearly representative of a Herculean effort.”

Arzeedee (Ryan Dawson) writes the strip and “does” the art.  Ryan is a right-handed Aquarius about yea high.  He wears his hair a certain way, and his signature move is the Sūpā Taikutsu Ryūsei (スーパー 退屈 流星).  He likes to think of himself as very clever.

Koleslaw (Michael Kolesar) was born on Enceladus and invented white meat.   Fearing his power, the Gods split his soul into three pieces and bound each piece inside a Sacred Gem.  He handles things from a technical standpoint.  He is actually the clever one.