New Shirt: Aquatic Man!

I’ve got a new shirt design for sale at Misterdressup!  I know you’re going to love it.  Have a gander at Aquatic Man!  Buy one and send me a picture of you wearing it.  I’ll post the pics here and tell everyone how unbelievable you are!

Holy Don Chapman!

Good news, boysenberry! We’re adding two NEW AS HECK strips to, namely: WUGS and Cloud Person! WUGS is a fun and innocent strip based on Jean Berko-Gleason’s wug test from the 50s. Cloud Person is about a happy cloud named Cloudy and his optimistic adventures through Monsterland. You’re gonna start seeing WUGS every Thursday, […]

Swag Alert!

Envy!  Here’s Gleonard modeling our latest torso covering.  He’s already getting gushing letters from top clothing experts saying how warm it looks and asking for his hand in marriage.  Winter’s coming, so get one now or you’ll catch your death.