So What’s the Deal With Amberjacks?

Arugula Day is an excellent tradition in Boxville.  Every year on March 21st, we honor the noble arugula by steaming lentils, hanging harmonicas from our gutters with kite string, dressing our dads in barley, making Dirtmen out of sod, and depositing sacrifices of leafy vegetables into a dumpster behind a White Castle (or similar establishment).  The amberjack is the official fish of Arugula Day because of its chivalry, erudition, and (perhaps paradoxically) its well known lack of any associations with arugula.  On this grand Arugula Day, here are some facts about the amberjack that everybox should know:

1. The Amberjack is a member of the family Carangidae.
2.  It lives in the Atlantic.
3. Plays bongos.
4. Amberjacks can fly, but they don’t because…eh.
5. Juveniles are called pilot fish.
6. Geriatric individuals are called plarns or floops.
7. It has stripes.
8. Drives a sweet Bonneville.
9. Cannot qualify for a boat loan but makes up for it by being an awesome fish.
10. Amberjacks love Tom Petty.  Love him.

Appreciate an amberjack today!


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