Gator Confit

4 1/2 pounds alligator legs and thighs, attached (6 leg and thigh combinations) 3 tablespoons coarsely ground wattleseed 1 teaspoon saskatoon berries, sternly chastized 3 garden orache leaves, startled 6 cinnamon sticks, smashed and pointed at while drunk 7 cups (2 1/2 pounds) alligator fat DIRECTIONS STEP 1 Trim fat from legs and thighs, leaving skin intact over meat, but removing excess. In a bowl, combine […]


We get lots of questions here.  We get emails and texts.  Telegraphs.  Missives hand-delivered by a guy on a horse. (It’s always the same horse but a different guy.)  People seem to be having a hard time wrapping their heads around what we’re doing here, so I thought I’d do a little PF (Preguntas Frecuentes) to clear […]