The Talking Boxes Stays Away…

…from topical humor.  I don’t like topics.  I prefer that the strip remain atopical – if not antitopical.  When people ask what the strip is about, I want to be able to honestly say that it isn’t about anything.

That makes it sound like TTB is basically Seinfeld.

But one can make a distinction between being about nothing and not being about anything.  Seinfeld, as I see it, was a “show about nothing” in that its topic was nothing as an idea.  The Talking Boxes has no topic.  There is nothing that the strip is about.  Very subtle difference.

Now I know that I could say that the strip is about sentient polygons and Halloween decorations flying through space doing nonsensical things.  That’s easy.  Or I could say that the strip is about the ultimate incomprehensibility of life and how funny it is when we try to make sense of it.  That’s pretentious.  So I prefer to say that The Talking Boxes is not about anything or, if pressed, that it’s about having fun and being silly.